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Senior Security Strategist with Securosis.


I have been in the computer industry for 20+ years now, most of that time working with databases, and 12 in security. I have over a decade of experience as C-Level executive, working as CTO & CIO. When it comes down to it, I am a 'software guy' who researches/practices/evangelizes security. I have seen tremendous power that subtle changes to process and communication provide to an organization, so I focus on strategic roles. Any given day I may be involved in product strategy, marketing, technology, architecture, sales or business development which makes coming to work a lot more fun.


Interests and hobbies include collecting stereo equipment, music, restoration of old muscle cars, making the perfect Manhattan, spending time with my puppies and rooting for the Cal Golden Bears. I think the my unhealthy addiction to HiFi & Music says it all as as the music keeps the left brain happy, and the stereo equipment satisfies the right brained technophile need to tinker and experiment. I count my coffe consumption by pot,not the cup. I listen to Vinyl. Seriously. It sounds way better. I read two books a week. I don't get TV so don't ask me what I think about American Idol. I have 5 dogs who demand most of my free time. Other than that I am normal. Pretty sure anyway.


My work email address is 'alane', 'at'

My personal email address is 'who is adrian lane', all one word, without the spaces, 'at' Send me an email if you have a question or private comment.